Debra on top of truck



Shimmy Shack is all about reducing animal suffering, making a healthier food choice for your insides and outside, and having a positive impact on the environment.  Every time you come to Shimmy Shack you are doing all three of these things and we love it! Not to mention that we are removing the stigma attached to the word ‘vegan’ and showing how awesome, tasty, sexy and filling vegan food can be.

Welcome to Shimmy Shack! The 1st ever all-American burger joint that’s all veggie all the time! We roll as Michigan’s first and only 100% vegan and gluten free food truck (but you’d never know it from how tasty and sexy our food is!). Omnivores, Flexitarians, Vegetarians and Vegans ALL love our food and we have proof ☺ .

We promise we can deliver a burger that tastes better and is better for you than those other fast food “beef” sliders (and we use the term “beef” loosely). Our chocolate, vanilla, Elvis and cookie monster shakes will leave you wanting more….and we’re serious. And our fries? Well you just have to taste them to believe them…and the sweet potato fry seasoning is groovylicious! We’ve been told it is serious addicting. See our menu here.

So shuffle, shake or shimmy on over to see us and try some delish eats!! 100% VEGAN AND 100% GLUTEN FREE!! See our world-changing vision and mission here.

Have a Shimmylicious Day

Xoxo, Shimmy


Want to bring a little Shimmy to your birthday party, wedding, or other special occasions? We can do that! Contact us for information on our catering services and rates! Book early, though – Shimmy’s social calendar is usually booked up a few weeks out!